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  Solid one piece boards are the most common type of wood flooring. There's also engineered wood which usually consists of a hardwood veneer top layer laminated to lower layers of softwood backing which inhibits warping. Most wood flooring today is pre-finished at the factory for ease of installation and uniformity of finish.   Hardwood

  Cork tiles for floors and walls provide warm, comfortable and durable alternatives to traditional coverings. Cork is highly abrasion resistant, resists humidity and dampens sound, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial uses. In the home, cork tiles can be happily
incorporated all over the house. Their resistance to humidity and their non-slip surface make them especially suitable for the kitchen and the bathroom, while they are a luxurious and long-lasting alternative for the living room and bedrooms.
  Bamboo is 25% harder than Red Oak, 12% harder than Rock Maple.
More dimensionally stable than commonly used wood flooring including oak and maple.
High quality, tongue and groove, precision-milled.
There are two main colors to choose from: Natural (light) and Amber (dark).Natural reflects the color of the bamboo. When Bamboo is smoked, the carbonized grains take on a color that is darker through out. This is not a stain, but rather the result of the smoking process. The resulting color is an Amber hue.
  Engineered Wood is flooring that consists of two or more layers of wood laminated
together. The top wear layer is usually a hardwood veneer of varying
thickness, with the lower layer being a softwood backing. Rather
than being nailed, most engineered wood floors are glued down.
Some are installed as "floating floors," meaning the edges of the
panels are glued together but not attached directly to the subfloor. It
also can be glued directly to a concrete slab.
  Solid Wood is the most common wood flooring consists of solid, one-piece boards, and is available in three basic types: strip flooring which comes in varying widths and is typically nailed to the subfloor; wider width plank flooring boards, which are either screwed or nailed
to the subfloor; and parquet flooring which comes in standard 6"x6" squares.
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