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  Ceramic tiles are available glazed or unglazed with fire glazes being extremely hard and durable. Porcelain tile is very popular and great for high traffic areas. Stone tiles come in several forms and vary extensively with regard to their look, usage and durability. ceramic  

Ceramic and Stone Brands



This beautiful, durable line of domestic and imported ceramic tiles lets you add elegance and style anywhere in the home.
  Made from the same high standards as the finest porcelain, then toughened at incredibly high temperatures so it actually outlasts marble and granite.
  Daltile offers distinctive style and great durability that lasts a lifetime. The wide range of available sizes, shapes and textures provide an abundance of choices for any decor.
  Choose from an extraordinary range of options among floor and wall tiles along with compatible decorative moldings and accent tiles.
  Naturally stain and fade resistant, Shaw tiles are made from a mixture of clays and minerals and come in a variety of colors textures and designs.
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