To find the carpet lifestyle that fits your home, think about the way you live and the overall feel you want your home to have. Consider the room you want to carpet and how your family uses that room, then read the lifestyle descriptions below to find the group of carpets that is best for you.  
life styles
1. Select a lifestyle
TRENDSETTER carpets feature a progressive look inspired by the best of the past with an eye on the future. Suggesting the spirit of adventure, these carpets combine geometry with the most interesting and inspiring patterns, textures and colors to take design to the next step
CLASSIC carpets when you want to establish an atmosphere that's beautiful, functional and comfortable, CLASSIC carpets are always appropriate. These popular standards with their proven quality and design establish a timeless and reassuring mood in your surroundings.
FORMAL carpets unite your room with a refined and gracious tone. All the elements in your room add up to create a mood of plush elegance and sophisticated finesse. These carpets make your room feel finished, so that you're prepared to entertain or relax knowing it's all come together.
BERBER is as durable as the earth that inspires it, the BERBER collection is for those who find inspiration in nature. Accessible, enduring and easy to live with, it holds its own in any environment. The perfect way to bring it all together, Berber carpets are solid in function, with a poetic nod to the beauty of nature.
CASUAL carpets fit comfortably into your world with an emphasis on the easiness and quality of color, pattern and texture. Never trendy, stuffy or too serious, Casual carpets are relaxed, practical and easy-going so you can enjoy the activities of everyday life.
HOME OFFICE & MULTICOLOR carpets blend functionality, durability and creativity to help you create an atmosphere that encourages quiet concentration and bright inspiration. This innovative combination of color and texture is designed to enhance your home while you take care of business.
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